Gallery > Visit by Mrs. Ban Soon-taek to the United Nations International School, New York (44)

March 18, 2008: On the occasion of Mrs. Ban Soon-taek's visit to the Manhattan campus of the United Nations International School, U Thant Institute president Daw Aye Aye Thant and institute directors joined UNIS Executive Director, Dr. Kenneth Wrye, members of faculty and students in welcoming the First Lady of the United Nations. A tour of the Junior School followed by student presentations including the UTI Friendship Across Cultures program, recitals and other performances, afforded Mrs. Ban the opportunity to meet pupils and staff while experiencing a slice of daily life at the school. The enthusiastic greetings received from all quarters greatly touched Mrs. Ban who, in turn, delighted children and adults alike with her warmth and grace. (Event photography by J W Chen for Quantock)