Gallery > TIME OUT OF MIND Press Screening & Press Conference at the 52nd New York FF (6)

September 25, 2014: The photojournalistic mood of this bleak film by Oren Moverman makes for compelling viewing. Shaped from a script that had been knocking around Hollywood for three decades, Moverman’s first film to be shot in NYC is a deeply moving documentary-style piece. Richard Gere - playing a homeless person in New York - does a wonderfully convincing job in plumbing the depths of despair experienced by his character George Hammond. As Gere told us in today’s press conference, “This movie is all about perspective and compassion.” “You’re radiating failure as a homeless person.” “You’re invisible. Yet we all have the yearning to be seen; the yearning for love; the yearning for affection; and the yearning to be part of something.” The actor went on to describe how, on the first day of shooting, Moverman made him stand in Astor Place with a begging cup for three-quarters-of-an-hour. No one gave him a cent. The famous actor with one of the most recognizable faces in the world was not even acknowledged. Remarkable. TSG. Festival Screenings: Sunday, 10/5/14, 6:00 PM; Thursday, 10/9/14, 8:45 PM