Gallery > The Other Woman: National Arts Club, New York City (23)

March 6, 2007: Quantock client, Wilderness Films held a private screening of "The Other Woman" at the National Arts Club in Manhattan. The evening's presentation started with a brief introduction and address by club president Aldon James and Wilderness principals Cornelia Ravenal and Mikael Sodersten. Creative partner, Nela Wagman and cast members, Juliette Bennett and Christian Pedersen were also in attendance together with assistant director, Andrew Lawton; musical contributor, Kaissa; costume consultant, Carla Ashton Carroll and extras director, Erin Cronican. The film was warmly received by the seventy-strong audience including Oscar-winning screenwriter, John Patrick Shanley; Avignon Film Festival Director, Jerome Henry Rudes and film producer, Maria Snyder. A champagne reception followed the post-screening Q&A session with the filmmakers and cast. (Event photography by Nik Rocklin for Quantock)