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October 9, 2013: We have just been treated to a wonderful 111-minute excursion through Victorian England during today's press and industry screening of THE INVISIBLE WOMAN. Bursting with verve and wit, this delightful tale of Charles Dickens’ secret, lengthy and torrid affair with a young actress is captivating. Ralph Fiennes – doing double duty by directing the film and also playing Dickens – is fabulous in embodying his character’s potent mixture of talent, joie de vivre and carnality. The luscious Felicity Jones is outstanding as Nelly Ternan – the winsome but self-possessed and iron-willed young actress for whom Dickens falls so heavily; and Joanna Scanlan is marvellous as the painfully wronged but utterly indomitable Catherine, long-suffering wife of Dickens. Sublime. TSG. //////////////// THE INVISIBLE WOMAN will be screened tonight at 8:30 PM as part of the Gala Tribute to Ralph Fiennes.