Gallery > MR. TURNER Press Screening and Press Conference at the 52nd New York FF (5)

October 3, 2014: One-hundred-and-sixty-three years after his death, Joseph Mallord William Turner is brilliantly brought back to life by Timothy Spall’s majestic, mesmerizing, grunt-laden portrayal of the painter in this glorious new film by Mike Leigh. Dorothy Atkinson is wonderfully spot-on as Turner’s downtrodden but eternally devoted housekeeper; and Marion Bailey is quietly splendid as Turner’s grounded and sustaining paramour. Dick Pope’s luscious photography makes this meticulously crafted, richly textured film a visual feast of the highest order. Very well done, Mr. Leigh. TSG. Festival Screenings: Tonight, 10/3, 9:00 PM; Tomorrow, 10/4, 2:00 PM