Gallery > MISS DERRINGER supports ON THE DOLL by Thomas Mignone, New York City (20)

June 11, 2008: Leading up to its June 13 New York theatrical release, ON THE DOLL – the acclaimed feature film by award-winning director, THOMAS MIGNONE – was treated to an exclusive music event promoted by Quantock in Manhattan. The special live set by LA band MISS DERRINGER was played at the Annex on the Lower East Side and was enthusiastically received by the appreciative audience. Miss Derringer is fronted by renowned Los Angeles artist and sculptor, Liz McGrath and admired for its signature outlaw country, blues rhythm and early 60s girl group pop. The band took time off from its East Coast tour commitments with New Wave punk-pop legends BLONDIE on their Parallel Lines 30th Anniversary tour. As a result McGrath and colleagues were even more warmly welcomed by the ecstatic crowd./// Thomas Mignone, who has directed projects for everyone from MUDVAYNE and SLIPKNOT to Donald Trump, is noted for his visually arresting music videos. In ON THE DOLL, he combines well with his cast including Brittany Snow (Prom Night; Hairspray; Nip/Tuck), Josh Janowicz (The Chumscrubber), Candice Accola (Juno) and Theresa Russell (Spider-Man 3) to offer a deeply dark but sympathetic film. And for raw, arresting cinematic power, few images can match the now infamous Brittany Snow ball-busting scene (arguably the most intense ever filmed) that has become an internet sensation with more than 1.5 million unique views to date. The film's soundtrack includes an original score by Paul D'Amour (formerly of TOOL), and new music by his current band FEERSUM ENNJIN; together with tracks from THE CRYSTAL METHOD, OTEP, THE BLACK HEART PROCESSION and MISS DERRINGER. (Event photography by J W Chen for Quantock)