Gallery > Intuitions Revealed by Klara Landrat: New York City (30)

February 8, 2007: The debut US solo exhibition by artist Klara Landrat opened at the Gibraltar Lounge in New York. The month-long show, promoted by Quantock and curated by Zack Ashley, was launched with a private party for 60 guests at the venue in Soho. The Polish-born, American-trained painter showcased work from her feature collection "Intuitions Revealed" - a series of vibrant, evocative and arresting paintings and drawings inspired by her exploration of concepts from Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason. As expressed in her exhibition notes, Klara Landrat “….steps into the wonder of human perception that is possible beyond experience and exists without cognition." At the same time, a deft fluidity surrounding the murmured sexuality of her art signals her assured embrace of the corporeal energy coursing through her work. (Event photography by Nik Rocklin for Quantock)