Gallery > CAPTAIN PHILLIPS Press Screening & Press Conference at the 51st New York FF (6)

September 27, 2013: By the end of this morning’s press and industry screening of CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, the audible sniffling of noses and visible dabbing of eyes by several of us in the audience bore testament to the towering performance by Tom Hanks in Paul Greengrass’ new film. The docudrama, which opens the 51st New York Film Festival tonight, is a tense, taut nautical thriller based on the true story of merchant mariner, Captain Richard Phillips. Played magnificently by Tom Hanks, the resolute captain's audacious and heroic bid to outwit the band of Somali pirates that has boarded and seized his cargo ship in international waters turns into a gripping, complex and nerve-shredding game of cat and mouse on the high seas. Superb. TSG