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February 26, 2007: New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT) - the preeminent East Coast entertainment industry association for women - hosted an evening of conversation with acclaimed film, television and stage actress, Tamara Tunie and ABC News Nightline correspondent Vicki Mabrey. Guests were treated to a wide-ranging, informative and highly entertaining discussion. In the audience was Tunie’s agent, Sarah Fargo (Paradigm) and Tunie’s husband, jazz-singer, Gregory Generet. Also present were Film in the City vice president, Elisa Keys and London-based BSkyB network programming executive, Jane Ronchetti. Tamara Tunie is best known for her seven-season role as medical examiner, Melinda Warner on NBC’s 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'. She was also a regular on the daytime drama 'As the World Turns' and the hit series, '24'. Other notable TV appearances include 'Sex and the City' and 'NYPD Blue'. Tunie’s numerous theater credits include 'Julius Caesar' with Denzel Washington. The evening’s moderator, ABC’s Vicki Mabrey was previously a CBS correspondent for '60 Minutes II' from its launch in January 1999. Prior to her role at the news magazine, she served for three years as the CBS London correspondent covering stories throughout Europe and the Middle East. Mabrey is the recipient of four Emmy Awards: two in 1997 for her reporting on the death of Princess Diana, and two in 1996 for her coverage of the Atlanta Olympic bombing and the crash of TWA Flight 800. (Event photography by Location Staff for Quantock)